Barbershopper Of The Year

2018 – Jim Boyd

Jim has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society for a number of years and a Cape Fear Chordsman since 2012. Jim and his wife, Janell, live in Wilmington.  During his tenure with our chapter, Jim has served in many leadership roles including: Secretary, Program VP, President, and his current position – Immediate Past President.  In each of those positions he has served with distinction and brought forth new ideas to help strengthen our chapter and members.  In addition to his leadership responsibilities Jim has always prepared himself to support the chapter with his singing and memory preparation.  One of the criteria for choosing the member worthy of this honor is:

  1. Must have performed outstanding action(s) for the betterment of the chapter

In the eyes of the BOTY committee, Jim Boyd is the most deserving member for this honor for 2018.  In addition to all his other activities & duties within the chapter, Jim has been the Lead singer in the quartet named Duffy’s Tavern for three years.

Thank You Jim for your dedication and work ethic displayed throughout your career in the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Keep up your exemplary attitude and tireless work on behalf of the Cape Fear Chordsmen!

At the end of each year, a “Barbershopper of the Year” is selected. Candidates for this honor must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be an active member of the Cape Fear Chordsmen
  2. Must have performed outstanding action(s) for the betterment of the chapter
  3. Any active member who has NOT received the BOTY award the previous five (5) years is eligible for this award

The selection committee consists of the Active award recipients who are available with the second most recent recipient serving as chairman of the committee. The presenter should be the committee chairman or his designee.


Previous Years

* Denotes deceased member

** No Longer Affiliated

1997 – Paul Parker*

1998 – Don Schmitt

1999 – Dave Hogin*

2000 – Tom Head

2001 – Wally Bader*

2002 – Bob Clark (2)

2003 – Andre Pronko

2004 – Ed Owens

2005 – Larry Reinhart

2006 – Richard Millard

2007 – Tom Martyn

2008 – Andre Brillaud

2009 – Roger Hawkins

2010 – Jim Bader**

2011 – Roy Holzwarth

2012 – Arnold Cosby

2013 – Joe Loughlin**

2014 – R. Manley Lucas

2015 – Larry Hunt**

2016 – Douglas Wick

2017 – Don Smith

2018 – Jim Boyd



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