Chapter History

The Cape Fear Chordsmen Chapter was initially discussed in 1982 when a group of men were brought together to sing barbershop music directed by George Booth who had sung barbershop elsewhere and moved to Wilmington where the desire to sing was still within his heart. However, by 1983 the group of men gave up on the idea as they never gained momentum with their idea of starting a chapter.In the fall of 1986, Ernie Eddy and Robbie Benson had a chance teaming on the municipal golf course and discussion led to their mutual interest in barbershop harmony music. From that chance coupling and discussion, they agreed to try and revive the group of men from 1982 and see if they could interest enough men to sing with them. The first meeting of the new group was held on February 15, 1987 in the student union of UNCW. Eddy accepted the role of President and Benson took on the job as the first director of the soon to be named Cape Fear Chordsmen.

Our Articles of Incorporation can viewed here.

Our charter was issued on April 21, 1988 when the required society minimum membership was achieved. The chart below is the roster of members on 4/30/1988. Six of these men are still active members of our chapter today:

Pascal S Camak Louis G Leiner. Jr* Donald D Shepard Vernon P Moore
James J Megivern Robert C Tilley Donald E Simkins* Ralph C Serzler, Jr
William E Link, Jr David E Franks Robbie Benson* John G Stoecker, Jr
William L Saylor Eugene F Doody Osmyn O Tesh, Jr Dennis A Boyle
Jerry D Autry, Sr Patrick M Adams Steve Crane John Harshbarger
Thomas J Head, Jr* Charles W West Ernest D Eddy Donald B Schmitt*
John E Jacobs, Jr JamesR Benson III* Robert J Haverly Billy L Davis, Jr
Murray W Whatley Charles A Kroger, Jr *=Active

The following block of information is a digital representation of historical albums that were saved by caring Chordsmen over the years.  We are forever thankful for these glimpses into the Cape Fear Chordsmen past history.

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