Holiday Show

Holiday Show

The 2018 Cape Fear Chordsmen Christmas concert will be held on two nights:  Friday, December 7th & Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary of the Temple Baptist Church, 1801 Market St., Wilmington, NC.  This year our chorus will present a “story”.

Set in the 1930’s, an actor and his driver run out of gas and hear the music and see the lights from a camp of folks looking for work and make their way to them.  What ensues is the retelling of the classic Dickens “A Christmas Carol” as the actor is cajoled into telling the children the story in return for gas.  The camp folk take on the roles as the night turns into a transformation for the actor and his hosts as each sees the need for compassion and repentance and for a renewed brotherhood of man.

Come and enjoy “The Christmas Story ” with music sung in Barbershop harmony.  This is sure to be a production you won’t soon forget.  Net proceeds benefit Chordsmen charities.

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