Your Personal Invitation

The Cape Fear Chordsmen are a family of male singers who get together each week to share their God given talents in music and to mold their friendships. We invite you to visit any of our Chapter Nite and experience the joy of singing four part harmony, better known as Barbershop harmony.

Your time sharing your talents will not be wasted as you will quickly learn what we have to offer and how it will enhance your life. After singing with us, you’ll want to come back just to prove to yourself what a joy it was to spend time singing and learning our craft.

You may be invited to join our chapter to begin a journey into the musical fun and fantastic friendships that Barbershopping has to offer.  Men of all ages are invited to attend our rehearsals.

So come and hear us, sing with us and join us.  You won’t regret it!

Contact us via email by clicking here.

The video is from our 2022 Basket Ball game. The National Anthem at its best.

Cape Fear Chordsment at UNCW

Chapter Nite!

Temple Baptist Church, 1801 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28403. For map and directions, click here. We gather for a fun filled night off the 18th St side of the church. You will find a barber pole near the entrance where fun begins.

There are many reasons to come and check us out:

  • Spend some quality time with a great bunch of guys.
  • Learn some amazing classic songs.
  • Get a chance to “strut YOUR stuff”.
  • Build some life long friendships.
  • Learn ways to improve your singing.
  • Have an evening of fun filled singing and camaraderie!

Every “Chapter Nite!” is a fun filled, action packed, gathering of the best bunch of guys you will ever meet! We have something for everyone; an expert warm up, greetings, a humdinger of a special word of the day which we try to insert into normal conversation during the night. We have our repertoire songs that we are constantly honing and improving under the most excellent musical leadership of our director Bryan Hughes. There’s tag singing, come find out, what is a tag. We have important chapter updates like where we will be singing next. We have craft sessions where you are bound to learn something you didn’t know about music, there’s a 50/50 raffle that benefits charity, sometimes a quartet will entertain, there are jokes bandied about, the more corny the better. Best of all there is a fellowship and camaraderie that everyone looks forward too while singing 4 part harmony and ringing chords, which if you’ve never done you sure have a great pleasure awaiting you!