Gentlemen of the Chapter,

The Board of Directors is requiring that every member and guest of the chapter wear a mask during the entire live rehearsal until further notice.  The CDC, State of North Carolina, and the County of New Hanover have all issued mask mandates when indoors and with a crowd.  We will have a limited number of masks available at the door, however, it would be best if you brought your own or the mask that the chapter handed out. Last week, 9/14/21 we had our first masked rehearsal.  I must admit the sound is muffled and the mask is somewhat uncomfortable, but there weren’t too many complaints that were referred back to me.  We did take an extra break and moved outside for a time where most men removed the mask.  All in all, the experience of singing with a mask is less desirable than without a mask but until the Covid-Delta variant bug is under control, we’ll have to do our best to self control within our chapter.  The Board of Directors appreciates your patience through this period of change for the chapter.  



After nearly 20 months of silence, The Cape Fear Chordsmen have come together again to prepare & perform our 2021 Christmas concert.  We are excited to bring our version of Christmas cheer to you at Temple Baptist Church on December 19th at 2:30 PM.  Although the flier on the Read More Holiday Page indicates masks are required, our Board of Directors have decided to recommend the use of masks for all audience participants..  We will have a limited supply of masks available at the door should you need one. We invite you to come, listen and watch the 2021 version of the Cape Fear Chordsmen.     

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Holiday Show

2019 Christmas Concert This year The Cape Fear Chordsmen will depart from our traditional concert program in favor of being a participant with

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Annual Shows

 ​ Each year our chorus prepares an interactive concert of Barbershop music geared to an ever changing theme. Our men work each week

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    01 December 2021

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